How to build
IRLP experimental reflector
with sfreflect

Download the zip file below for the sfreflect binary and the logfw script

sfreflect zip file download

I recommend you put sfreflect and logfw in a folder /home/irlp
but they should work pretty much anywhere on a Debian or Ubuntu computer.
We have used Debian 7, 8 and 9 and Ubuntu 18 and 20 they all work great with sfreflect
When you run sfreflect as root it will default to listening on port 2074
and automatically begin accepting speak freely for Windows or IRLP connections
No configuration settings are required
logfw is for logging only. It is not required for sfreflect to simply reflect voice packets.

Once your sfreflector is running properly you can connect to it with
IRLP, Speakfreely(for Windows) and/or ispeaker/imike (for linux)
Speakfreely for windows zip file download
ispeaker/imike for linux on intel processor boards zip file download
ispeaker/imike for linux on the Raspberry Pi boards zip file download

To connect with IRLP you can request an experimental node number from Dave Cameron
you can connect directly to the IP address of your Speak Freely Reflector using the "Remote Admin" feature

Connect using the IRLP "Remote Call" feature

You can also connect your IRLP node using the linux command line as user repeater
by typing these two commands when your node is idle

the xxx is the IP address of your reflector

ispeaker &

If you have any questions you can send me a message at this link

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